East Winsted

East of here is New Hartford

As the line approaches East Winsted it can be seen in the woods on the north side of Route 44 across from the nursery west of West West Hill Road. The roadbed goes underneath Route 44 from just east of the movie theater complex past the new shopping center and the Kentucky Fried Chicken until it bears left into the woods just before the light at Torringford Street. The roadbed goes into a long cut that has been partially filled by reconstruction of the old Torringford Street overpass but the cut is still visible running next to the cemetery.

This picture is taken looking westbound through the cut towards East Winsted. The embankment across the far end is Torringford Street. Behind me and to the right is Route 44. On the other side of the embankment the CNE begins a long fill out to Red Car Bridge and then on into East Winsted past the Tiffany & Pickett Company site.

This is looking eastbound back towards the picture above. In between Torringford Street and the abutment above is the new Route 8 highway. As much as I like adventure I'm not about to park my car on the side and go walking into the woods. As I turn around and look westbound this is the view down the fill towards Tiffany & Pickett's coal dock and East Winsted:

The walk from Tiffany & Pickett out to the end of the berm is filled with old concrete chunks, small trees and vines.

On the walk out to the end you can see the old railroad ties with spikes are still present even after almost 75 years of the harsh New England weather!

This is the top of the west abutment of the Red Car Bridge.

Looking eastbound towards the above picture. the spur to the Tiffany & Pickett Company can be seen leading off to the right. From here it was a steep down grade to the company.

Standing on the right of way looking eastbound towards the picture above. Tiffany & Pickett coal dock is to the right edge and the company is below.

Turning around and looking westbound. Rowley Street is just beyond the brush and before the hill.

A closer view of the Rowley Street overpass area. The railing is on the top of the retaining wall flanking the street. The straight, level line on the other side of the railing, against the hill is the old Naugatuck Line (another of the NH acquisitions).

Looking eastbound towards the picture above. Rowley Street below. Naugatuck comes in from the right and meets in a switch behind me.

The cut at center leads to the picture above this one. This is about where the two lines joined. the area from here to the walking trail above the Mad River through the center of Winsted has been torn up and developed. Little is left of the old right of way. Turning around and looking west you see the area that used to have the East Winsted Station and yard:

Up around the bend is more development:

The red truck sits about where the main line was. The condos in the background cover what once was the Naugatuck's turntable. In later years the CNE turntable in West Winsted was too small to turn their engines so they had to pay the Naugatuck 50 cents a turn to do it for them. The long building on the right was the old freight house.

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